Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life Lately - 29 week Update

So, I may be the worst blogger in history.  I also blame it on my profession.  Sales in 4th quarter AND end of year is chaotic.  Still – I don’t want to make excuses.  For those that have been following, we have really just been caught up in the holiday season, working too hard and enjoying my growing belly (and all the kicks and punches).

I guess I should rewind back to our Fetal Echo in November.  We went in on Friday, November 7th to meet Dr. Milazzo and his team and to get a more detailed look at Boden’s little heart. 
The detail in the scans was absolutely incredible.  The sonographer was explaining to us the different areas she was looking at and what they meant.  You could actually see the inflow and outflow of blood through each chamber because they lit up different colors depending on whether they were moving towards or away from the camera…so cool!

At the end, we waited for Dr. M to come in and give us the results.  Let me preface by saying he is a very professional, emotionless man.  Direct and to the point, not much humor and not a whole lot of chit chat.  My guess is because he too often has to deliver crushing news to parents, hopeful parents just like us. 

I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up. I was on the brink of tears and expecting something not to be right.  He came in, handed us a print out, and said, “The results are normal.  There are no major abnormalities with the baby’s heart”.  I couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.  I thought maybe he was going to pinch me to wake me up, or there was a “gotcha” at the end of it.  But there were no gotchas.  Just more tears.  I jumped up and grasped that man around his neck tightly and could only say “thank you” over and over again. 

He was definitely caught a little off-guard at my spontaneous gratitude and chuckled replying, “Well, I wasn’t expecting that.” This man got to deliver some of the best news to these parents on that day and it made everyone in the room smile a little brighter. 

We left and I still could not control the crying.  I also could not process thoughts, string together words or sentences or explain how I was feeling.  I guess I didn’t realize how heavy a burden I was carrying around on my chest (I thought maybe it was just my boobs growing out of control)!  The weight that was lifted is indescribable - it literally felt like someone lifted a 50 lb. barbell off my chest and I took the deepest, longest breath I’d taken in months.  I was so overcome with emotion I really don’t even know how to describe it.  My mind was swarming and my thoughts scattered, but it was the most intense joy I’ve felt in a long time.

Chris and I had lunch at our good news spot in Cameron Village.  We went back to the same place we were at when we got the call from our CC nurses that our IVF round had worked.  It’s the same place we sat and called all our families to tell them we were finally pregnant.  This restaurant, just a local bar, has come to hold such a special place in our hearts and here we were celebrating another big milestone!

Since the fetal, we’ve had some follow up doc appointments with our OB. I had my glucose test which also came back normal.  I would not recommend doing the glucose test a few hours before you have to catch a flight – my stomach was off all day!

We are also officially in our 3rd trimester!  We had our 28 week scan with Duke on the 22nd right before we went home for the holidays.  We had some of the sweetest 3D pics to show our families which made this Christmas a little sweeter.  

I can barely contain my excitement

The baby is growing steadily and is in the 68th percentile for growth and weight.  I am a little underweight but not to the point that they are concerned since the bambino is doing so well. I still have Placenta Previa despite all our hopes that it would correct itself.  But, given all the good news about the growth of our little one I can’t complain.  I also had our 28 week check-up with my OB the same day and if the PP doesn’t correct itself by our next scan at the end of January they will likely be scheduling a C-section between 36-37 weeks which would put us mid-late February for Boden’s arrival.  I definitely freaked a little at this news because February is going to be here before we know it and we are not at all prepared. 

I will come to terms with it at some point I’m sure!

We also took a Saturday and finally registered at Buy Buy Baby.  Registering is no joke.  It’s also not very fun like I was imagining it would be.  It is overwhelming.  There are too many strollers, jumpers, play mats and diapers to choose from.  How do I know if I will need sensitive wipes or not?  Why are there so many diaper rash creams?  Does the kid need a jumper, mat, swing, AND rock and play.   My head was spinning and again I ended up in tears.  That may just be the hormones, but I would be OK not going back into one of those baby gear factories for a while.

We had such an amazing Christmas, our last Christmas as just the four of us.  I think Vegas and Harley can sense that life is about to drastically change.  Harley is my little shadow – following me around and laying with me anytime I’m sitting.  He has to be touching me at all times.  We had such a fun Raleigh Oden Christmas with Rob and Kristin.  It’s our annual tradition to get together and exchange gifts the weekend before Christmas.  Chris and I were foregoing an extravagant Christmas this year but he managed to surprise me with my baby bag that I’ve been swooning over.  I know some of yall think I’m probably nuts, but I’ve had this bad boy picked out since we started trying to get pregnant. 

Forgive the cheese - I was completely surprised!  My new Rebecca Minkoff "Knocked Up" Baby Bag!

This year, we also added putting on our finest Christmas sweaters/shirts and brewery hopping around Raleigh. Next year, I will actually be participating in the drinking portion of that event!

Stop #1 - Crank Arm Brewery.  This little gem of a sweater was a stocking stuffer from my sweet baby-daddy!
I also got to see my best friend of 23+ years and meet her sweetest new addition, Riley.  Check out those lips!  I am obsessed and can't wait for Boden and Riley to be best friends! No matter where life has taken us or what cities we've ended up in we've always managed to remain besties.  I love these two ladies with every bit of my being!

We have so much coming up that we are looking forward to (in addition to our little one’s arrival).  Finishing the nursery is the top of that list – really I’d just be happy to get it in working order. Our maternity session is next weekend.  Chris is heading out to AZ for a long weekend to visit his parents.  I’m staying back and doing a spa day here (thanks to an extremely thoughtful gift from one of the best friends).  We have 2 showers coming up – one in Raleigh and one in Charlotte.  January and February are usually long, slow, cold months but this year we have so much to keep us busy and so much excitement.

Until then, we will be celebrating 29 weeks on NYE.  I am looking forward to saying farewell to 2014 and welcoming a very exciting 2015!  We will be celebrating in a more low key fashion this year that includes a bonfire with neighbors and friends, sweatpants and hot chocolate for this Momma!

On another very magical note...today my parents celebrate 36 years of marriage!  

These 2 people are the reason I am who I am and I couldn't be more thankful for all their unconditional love, guidance and support over the years.  I can’t wait for them to be grandparents in a few short months.  My mom might also be the most beautiful woman on the planet.  Dad was rocking the teen wolf look long before it actually became a “thing”.  Love you guys and Happy Anniversary! I hope the next 36 are as fun and adventurous as the first 36 were!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful, magical Christmas and wishing you all happiness and health in 2015!  And, as always, we are sending up extra prayers and thoughts to any of our friends and followers battling fertility, making tough decisions and in the long 2 week waiting periods! You are always in our hearts!

Here's some recaps of our Christmas with our families!

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  1. Hello, keep checking back here to see how things are going for you as we have found ourselves in a very similar situation with cystic hygroma found at 12 week scan. Really hoping all is well for you, and look forward to reading an update soon if you have the chance, sending lots of love - its such a worrying time and I wish I could go to sleep and wake up with a healthy baby in my arms as I'm sure you know the feeling well too. L x