Thursday, June 26, 2014

We may need a bigger house...

The outpouring of love, support and prayers is both overwhelming and humbling.  We are so appreciative of all the encouraging words, texts, private messages and sweet gestures.  I never could have imagined this sort of response.  I was reluctant to even share our story because I usually like to keep our private life...well, private.  I am not one to be vulnerable and expose my flaws, my imperfections.  This was a risk.  One that has already paid off in big ways.

Our goal in actually hitting publish was to help others that may be going through something similar.  To provide a smidge of hope.  Some encouraging words.  The truth about this brutal struggle.

The extra prayers definitely lifted us up and wrapped us in a sense of peace as we went into the retrieval surgery yesterday.  And, a successful procedure it was - more so than we could have hoped for.

Doctors told us the average retrieval yields 10-15 eggs.  Based on our last ultrasound Monday, we were hoping for 15-20.  My ovaries were ripe with dancing little follicles.

We were absolutely giddy walking into the office at 7:30 on Wednesday morning.  They were already expecting us and escorted us right back to the surgery room. I changed into my gown, got hooked up to the IV, and the crazy talk took over.

When I woke up in recovery, the after-effects of anesthesia and the procedure were setting in - nausea, subtle throbbing in my downstairs mix-up, and lots of crazy gibberish talk.  I'm told I was the morning jester.

As we were walking out, the docs stopped us in the hallway.  "You are gonna need a bigger house!"


You read that right.  They retrieved 44 eggs from my crazy-ripe ovaries.  We were shocked. The doctors were shocked.  I cried, naturally.

I spent the day sleeping off and on with intermittent anti-nausea and pain meds.  My sweet hubby waiting on my every need. Momma and Kels showed up to help out and bring some life to the house.  Robby and Kristin made us dinner.  I have been spoiled by generosity and literally did nothing all day.

This morning we received the call from the embryologist.  31 of our eggs were mature and 27 fertilized successfully and survived the 1st night! We have 27 embies - 27 possibilities - 27 reasons to hope.

I was still pretty sore today.  Ovaries are still swollen and throbbing.  Because I'm PCO and they retrieved so many eggs I'm high-risk for OHSS so we are watching carefully.

We are amazed at the process, the success, the care we've received from the CC doctors and staff and the prayer warriors we've gained along the way!  We cannot say it enough - THANK YOU!  We know the extra prayers were heard!

Please keep 'em coming.  We'll have the transfer on Monday and plan to freeze the remaining embies for future babes.

We have faith.  Faith in the process.  Faith in our team of doctors.  Faith that the big man upstairs will answer our prayers.

Most importantly, we are hopeful that this won't be a means to an end...but a means to a new beginning.


  1. Such wonderful news!!! Praise God. Excited to follow the rest of y'alls journey to becoming parents, and pray alongside of you. :)

  2. what a wonderful feeling, indeed! praying that you get your + with minimal or no OHSS. stay strong!