Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Hopeful

Our transfer was a week ago today.  And, it could not have been more successful (though we are still waiting on the outcome).  A week later and I am still amazed at modern medicine and how advances in technology can help couples like us. It was one of the weirdest yet coolest experiences we've had in this leg of our journey.

We were so excited walking into CC - possibilities were endless - we couldn't wait to see the 1st picture of our future babe.

Walking into CC for our transfer
They took us back to scrub out and change for the procedure.  Chris lucked out with the largest scrubs I've ever seen.  I couldn't contain my laughter from the balloon pants and dress shoe combo he was rockin'.

Once we got changed, we met with our embryologist, Jacob, to discuss our little miracle and see our 1st pictures.

Good News #1: We had 23 little embies make it to our day 5 transfer.  23 possibilities of life.  23 reasons to hope.  We never could have imagined having this kind of success when we started down this path.

Good News #2: The One Jacob selected was a 3AA.  This doesn't mean much to most, but to us we hit the emrbyo jackpot!  They use a rating scale for blastocysts to determine quality and a 3AA is the best possible rating.  Like I said, we hit the jackpot.  Jacob, the nurse and the doctor all said our little hopeful was beautiful and had developed perfectly.  We were over the moon.

At this point, we thought for sure we had tapped out our good luck and already hit our good news quota for the day.  But, it just kept getting better...

Good news #3: We had 4 other little hopefuls that met the quality criteria for cryopreservation with a potential of a couple more being ready the following day.  We were definitely going to be able to freeze 4...and we only need 1!  Seriously, could the day get ANY better?

Of course it can...

Jacob showed us pictures of our hopeful  These could be the 1st pictures of our little babe.  I didn't really understand what I was looking at...but I knew it was modern medicine at it's best.  Simply amazing.  At this point, the joy in our hearts could not be contained and a little jig was had.  Cue the waterworks - happy tears that is. VERY happy tears!

After seeing our hopeful...never been so ready...
The actual transfer procedure is quite uneventful.  Similar to a standard OB appointment.  Except that your legs are in stirrups for longer. Your bladder is so uncomfortably full you feel like you might pop (this is to help with the abdominal ultrasound which guides the needle).  And, you and yours are watching said needle insert your little hopeful into your uterus on a monitor.  Like, seeing the needle penetrate your uterus and retract. It was crazy!  How can you not tear up watching this.  SEEING your dream turning into reality.   Hope at life. Hope at a new life.  Hope at becoming a family of 3 (maybe 4) was amazing!

To limit stress and distractions, I rested the remainder of the day dreaming of what might be.  I also did some hard core cuddling with my original babies...

Now we wait.  We go in Wednesday for our pregnancy blood test.  They will call with the results as they have with all the other results..  I would be lying if I said that doesn't scare the absolute shit of me.  So many "unfortunatelys" with those calls.  So much heartache.  This time, I am praying that it's a different sort of call. One full of life. One that ends with a happy dance and 9 months of sobriety!!

Thank you thank you thank you for the continued prayers, thoughts and well wishes!

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  1. I hope you get wonderful news tomorrow! I saw your blog through a friend on Facebook. My husband and I went down a very similar path to yours. I understand every emotion you have and are going through with this process. I started a blog my therapy through the process. I decided to comment, even though you don't know me, because infertility is something women don't talk about and we should be there to support each other. I will pray that you receive news tomorrow that will change your life and make you a family of 3 or more!! :)